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Welcome to Iniquitous Agenda

Iniquitous Agenda, ICly known as Operation Xesh, is a growing Roleplay Guild on the server Lord Adraas (US) in the game of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

We are a heavy RP Guild, though we do dabble in every aspect of the game, including PvP, Raiding, Crafting, etc.

We are currently recruiting and have no limitations on classes or races accepted within the Guild, however, please read more about [IA]'s background in the Database to be sure your own character's history and personality will fit within the Guild's concept.

Should you have questions that are not answered on the site, feel free to contact one of the Officers or Members and we'll gladly help you out.

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Developer Notes on Classes
The links below are to the Developer Blogs that concern the different classes within the game.

These are not complete informational posts concerning the classes, but rather just a little more insight behind the classes that might help you flesh out your character and better decide which class will fit you and your character's story best.

[ Star Wars: The Old Republic Classes Page ]

Developer Blog: Composing the Sith Inquisitor
Developer Blog: Top Secret: Dossier on the Imperial Agent!
Developer Blog: The Story of the Sith Warrior
Developer Blog: Creating the Bounty Hunter

Developer Blog: Happiness is a Warm Gun (Republic Trooper)
Developer Blog: Writing the Jedi Knight
Developer Blog: Creating the Smuggler
Developer Blog: Finding Balance in the Force (Jedi Consular)


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