The information on this page is In Character (IC), unless otherwise noted as Out of Character (OOC).

Our FAQ section will be updated as we receive more questions that require common answers.

If you have any questions that are not addressed on the site, please feel free to contact any of the Recruiters listed on the Member page.

Once our Ventrilo has been set up, our Ventrilo information will be posted here along with a Ventrilo tracker that will allow you to see who is currently using Ventrilo and will allow you to quickly and easily join it.



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About Operation Xesh
     Operation Xesh is an intelligence division beneath the great Sith Empire. Our purpose as a whole is to undermine Republic efforts in whatever way possible, with an emphasis on gathering intel and executing operations based on that intel. As a group, we utilize whatever means necessary to identify, restrain, and eliminate threats, all to support overall Imperial initiative.

     The group is headed by a single classified overseer who has extended his authority into the recruitment of new faces, as well as the management of all resources within the unit. With intelligence being such a vital commodity during this rise of conflict between the Empire and the Republic, a consistent flow of intel must be maintained, and anonymity preserved. People from all walks of life may find their true calling to serve and work as Imperial operatives who relay information, from civilians to mercenaries to Sith.

      In addition to our focus on intelligence, Operation Xesh has a contingent of Sith warriors, bounty hunters, mercenaries, and soldiers in our employment. These forces are dedicated to hunting and containing the Republic threat.

Out of Character information about Iniquitous Agenda
      We are a heavy RP Guild. What this means is that every Member in the Guild is expected to roleplay, even just a little, and every character within the Guild is expected to be used for roleplay (we're not looking to pad our numbers with alts that never get played - we only want active Members). We are welcoming of RPers of any experience level so long as you understand the clear separation between IC and OOC.

      We are a mature group and Guild Chat is expected to reflect this. We have a no tolerance policy for OOC drama in the Guild; any drama should be taken to private channels or directed to Guild Officers to keep the Guild Chat a stress-free place.

      Though we are a RP focused Guild, we also play the game in every capacity, which means PvE, PvP, and crafting. We are constantly seen in warzones, running flashpoints, or just questing together, as well as assisting each other in whatever way is needed; with heroics, crafting or arming each other with improved weapons, gear and/or mods.

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     We are actively recruiting all of the following to serve in various capacities:

  • Sith | We are in need of Sith of all skill sets, be they sorcerers, warriors, philosophers, alchemists, or anything in between. Each Sith will have something to offer, whether it is the ability to stealthily eliminate a threat, train apprentices and acolytes, or unearth new possibilities which may work to our benefit.

  • Intelligence Agents | Both Sith and non-Force sensitive serve in the role as intelligence agents, employing their unique abilities to infiltrate and obtain information, and in many cases disable, capture, or otherwise eliminate their target. Our agents are often sent on missions to obtain a specific goal, be it the assassination of a key target or making contact with the galaxy’s best information brokers.

  • Mercenaries | Bounty hunters, ex-soldiers, bodyguards, and other guns for hire will find ample opportunities within Operation Xesh. As an organization founded mainly on the gathering of intel, we will be in need of muscle such as enforcers to guard and protect our allies and specific valuable targets. Depending on their skill set, mercenaries may also be hired to escort our members to dangerous locales, hunt our enemies, and so on.

  • Civilians | Crafters, dancers, doctors, and everyday citizens of the galaxy are considered valuable assets to our overall goals. Some, such as crafters and doctors, can supply and assist our members, while others can discretely gather intel through mediums such as entertaining and socializing. Our civilian members will fall under the full protection of the entire operation as long as they are loyal to the Empire.

  • Slaves | Whether they are used for manual labor, guards, or entertainment, slaves are as much a part of the operation as free persons are. They typically serve as personal assistants and some may also work in an administrative capacity under order of our members. Slaves are welcome so long as they do not outlive their usefulness and remember their place in the Empire.

Out of Character Information about joining
      If you are interested in joining [IA], simply get in touch with one of the Guild Officers below. Additionally, anyone wearing the Iniquitous Agenda guild tag should be able to point potential recruits in the right direction.

      While you may be added to the Guild OOCly through an invite, your character is not ICly considered a part of the Guild until they have been given their recruitment task and have completed it. This task is handed out by one of the Guild Officers, however, it is up to you to figure out how you accomplish the task. You may choose to have Guild Members aid you in the task, complete it solo or however else you think your character would perform this task.

Guild Officers
Syrine / Alexandria

      Should you choose to play the Slave/Master role, please keep in mind that while we are a mature group of players, we are not a dating group, we're not here for internet relationships and we certainly are not an ERP Guild. Remember that we have NO tolerance toward drama, so please deal with these situations like adults and be conscious of those you're RPing with.

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Using Secure Communications
     As an intelligence division, Operation Xesh's goal is not only to gather intelligence, but protect it as well. All communication done within Operation Xesh and between its informants is to be done through secure communication servers provided by commanding officers.

     Should any intel become compromised, those responsible will be severely punished and all documentation related to the leak will be destroyed.

Out of Character Information regarding Ventrilo
     We do have a Ventrilo server that is open for Out of Character communications, however, it is for Member and close allies use only. The server is password protected, so you will need to contact a current Member in order to gain access to Vent. If you would like someone to join Vent who isn't a Member or if you are a potential Member to the Guild, then feel free to contact any of the Recruiters and let them know. They'll gladly share the password with you so you can get to know the Members of [IA] a little better OOCly. Vent will also be used for group quests/dungeons.

     If we start noticing names of people who are not in the Guild or we do not know, those people will be banned from Vent (especially if they are causing issues) and the password will be changed and strictly shared only with Members. We are all for friendly conversations and such, but there is limited space in Vent and it is a privilege for Members. If you really want your friend to come chat with you, then you can ask if it is alright (which as long as they don't bother anyone, it should be) or get them to apply and become a Member of [IA].

     If you have any further questions about Vent, feel free to ask, but really as long as no one is trolling or causing issues, there's really nothing more that needs to be said about Ventrilo conduct or usage.

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What does Iniquitous mean?

Iniquitous (in·iq·ui·tous) –adjective
Characterized by injustice or wickedness; wicked; sinful.


Does [IA] have race or class restrictions?

No, we do not restrict any races or classes from joining [IA]. You may play whatever you'd like, so long as game mechanics allow it and you're able to roleplay with it.


What does Iniquitous Agenda do?

The Guild itself utilizes intelligence to make surgical strikes as well as brute force attacks on both the Republic and any Republic sympathizers or Republic interests. [IA]'s goal is to bring about the success of the Sith Empire and help its rise to power over the Galaxy as well as accomplish the personal goals of its members, whatever they may be.


What is Ventrilo/Where do I get Ventrilo?

Ventrilo is a Voice over IP (VOIP) group communication program, which means it allows us to communicate for free over the internet. You will need a microphone in order to talk in Vent, but as long as you have a headset or speakers, you will be able to hear others speaking in the server.

You can download Ventrilo from their website ( by clicking on Download in their navigation menu. Once on the download page, make sure you click on the link for the Client Program for Windows 32bit - XP, Vista, Windows 7 (if you're using those operating systems, otherwise grab the one that matches your OS). We do not recommend the 64bit one even if you are running other things in 64bit because it isn't as stable as the 32bit. Follow the installation prompts and you're ready to connect to [IA]'s Ventrilo server.


I downloaded and installed Ventrilo, so now what?

To connect to [IA]'s Ventrilo server, you can either go to the main page or our Members page and click on the person icon () where our Ventrilo information is posted or you can follow this step-by-step walk through on connecting to Vent.

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