We are a mature group of players on the Cenarion Circle server who focus mainly on helping each other out with gear, quests, instances, raids and generally just having a good time. We also encourage roleplay, but we're not going to force you to RP if you have no interest in it. Just don't be rude toward those of us who do enjoy RP otherwise you'll be out the door.

We look for good natured players who have a good time and are willing to help out others to join our ranks. Selfish, rude or other inappropriate behaviors are not tolerated within the Guild. We do not discriminate against other players in any manner and will not tolerate prejudice either.

Members are allowed to have as many alts as they would like in the Guild and we especially love to have members who are familiar with multiple classes to help out new players or players looking to try something new.

From enlisted men to officers to elders.

  1. Junior Recruit - For any youngin's in the Guild. They are part of the Guild, but do not have access to Guild Chat in order to protect them from the harsh words of adults.
  2. Recruit - The bottom tier of guardsmen. Fresh inductees. Not yet fit to wear the colors of the Guard. Attendance and participation required to be promoted.
  3. Sentry - Two guild raids or five regular or heroic runs under their belt. Active in chat. Guild tabard and uniform shirt issued. Further participation required to be promoted.
  4. Guard - Working knowledge of at least two classes. Alts of anyone at least this rank will be raised to this rank.
  5. Sergeant - Working knowledge of at least three classes and two non-gather professions. Master craftsmen must be at least this rank to qualify for priority on Bind on pickup patterns. Master crafters provide a major role to the guild, crafting armor an essentials for guild runs and functions.
  6. Master Sergeant - Knowledge of all Northrend (Or current expansion) regular and heroic dungeons. Able to relay information on boss fights and know effective ways of taking them down.
  7. Praetorian - The elite guard of Blackspire. Class leaders. Extensive knowledge of the class of the Praetorian in all aspects (talents, spell rotation, gear, caps, formulae, addons, etc). Able to help others of their class in need. To qualify for a Praetorian position, a character must be at the level cap and well geared. Working knowledge of the available TEN and TWENTY-FIVE person raids.
  8. Lieutenant - The first tier of officer ranks. Extensive knowledge and tactics for all available TEN and TWENTY-FIVE person raids. Additional individual tasks and appointments will be appointed by the Commander and Field Marshal.
  9. Counselor - Senior officers appointed to this rank are in charge of making, keeping and amending the Code and Laws of the Blackspire Guard. Counsel to the Field Marshal.
  10. Commander - The Field Marshal's second in Command. The commander's word is that of the Field Marshal's in the event that the Field Marshal is unavailable.
  11. Field Marshal - The Guild master. Leader of the Blackspire Guard.


The Blackspire Guard was established by Shallomarr to be a symbol of honor and integrity for the Horde. We are not the barbaric, mindless fiends the Alliance would say we are or spread vicious lies of to build hate and distrust toward us. We fight to preserve what we still have in these dangerous and seemingly doomed times, and we fight to build the prestige the Horde deserves.

There was a time when the Horde and Alliance had peace. However short it was does not matter. It is that peace we seek to restore because it might be the only way either side will survive the horrors Deathwing has unleashed, and that is ultimately our main goal: Survival.

Each Member of the Guard has their own story of what they are fighting for and why they are doing so, but in fighting along with us, under our banner, they are showing that they are trying to reclaim or create something; either for themselves or for the Horde as a whole.


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