The following are a few frequently asked questions about Blackspire Guard. We may update this page as we get more questions in the future.

Q: What is your current Guild Level and how many bank tabs do you have?

A: We are Guild Level 5 currently and have seven bank tabs. If you want to find out more statistics about the Guard, please visit our battle.net page.


Q: If leaving the guild for any reason excluding being hacked and the hacker /gquit or expulsion due to being hacked may I return to the guild?

A: 9 times out of 10, no.


Q: How come I haven't been promoted?

A: It could be for one of the following reasons: your participation is low - you've missed raids or constantly are late to raids; you've disobeyed Guild Laws or are being disrespectful toward others (which either case can also lead to expulsion from the Guard); you've been taking more than you are contributing to the Guild Bank (which also can lead to demotion or expulsion). You also won't be promoted if you're not active within the Guild, which is more than just logging in to play WoW. To be considered active within the Guild, you must be actually conversing with other Guild Members, participating in Guild events and you must be registered on the Guild forums and use the forums regularly.


Q: Why do I need to register for/use the forums?

A: Aside from the fact that it's part of the Guild's requirements and we say so? Because we use the forums to communicate outside of the game. Once you register for the forums and are given Member access on them, you'll be able to see the Member's Section at the bottom and we use that particular section to organize raids, battlegrounds and other events so that we can make sure everyone within the Guild who wants to go can make it and we use the least amount of "fillers" as we can. This ensures that those events will happen during appropriate times and days that people can attend as well as help get strategies out of the way so raids and such can occur smoother and faster.


Q: Why did I get removed from the Guild/demoted?

A: It could be for one of the following reasons: Guild Laws being broken (repeated offenses), being disrespectful or taking advantage of the Guild or its Members. Honestly, we're pretty laid back, so if you've been demoted or removed, chances are you did something pretty extreme to deserve it.


Q: What are the required raid add-ons?

A: DBM (Deadly Boss Mods) and Atlas Loot (optional). Both add-ons can be found at Curse.com.


Q: What are the required roleplay add-ons?

A: MyRolePlay which can be found at Curse.com.


Q: Do you guys have a Ventrilo?

A: Yes. Our Ventrilo is, however, private. So, if you'd like to join us in a Raid or if you're interested in joining the Guild, please feel free to ask a Member for our Ventrilo information.


Q: Why was I banned from Ventrilo?

A: More than likely because you were either sitting in there just taking up space and not participating with the Guild, or you didn't belong in there to begin with. We will also ban disruptive people, which includes but isn't limited to spammers.


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