Before applying to the Guild, you must read the Guild Laws first.

The following information will explain each part of the application and what exactly is being requested as to keep the application clean and easier to fill out.

Character Name: Please enter only ONE character name. If you wish to submit another character to join the Guild, then please fill out ANOTHER application.

Character Class: Please make this plain and simple. If you are a main spec resto druid with a bear tank off spec dont put that, just put Druid.

Character Level: Pretty self explanatory. Just tell us what level your character is.

Raiding EXP: This is simple. Just fill out what raids you have done and what bosses you have downed, from vanillia to Wotlk and soon Cata.

Current Spec(s): Please list your MAIN SPEC first and your OFF SPEC second. Please list only what your character is currently specalized into. Even if you are a DPS class such as a mage, please specify which class such as Frost or Fire.
Example: If you are a Death Knight and you have two specializations, let us know which one you use most - that'll be Main Spec. If you are specialized as UnHoly and Blood, but use UnHoly the most, your Main Spec will be UnHoly and Off Spec is Blood.

Geared Spec(s): Please state which specs you are currently geared in such as Holy or Protection or Retribution. Geared means that it is fully enchanted, correctly and fully gemmed, and it is of all epic value at the least. If possible, please list a gear score in ( ) at the end of the spec.

Professions: Please list your professions followed by the current skill level in ( ). As our crafters progess and become more complete, we may request crafters to list the patterns that are not standard (I.E. learned from the trainer) such as under Jewelcrafting, listing gems that must be purchased or that are drops. If you have a specialization such as Shadoweave Tailoring, please list the profession as such. (For alchemy please list "Alchemy - Transmute/Elixier/Potion" depending on which pertains to you.) In the event that you change specializations or professions, please notify an Officer or post this on the forums.

Armory Link: Go to and go to your character sheet by searching for your character's name in the search bar at the top. Copy and paste the URL into the space.

Character already in Guild?: Simply let us know if you already have a character in the Blackspire Guard. Filling out the application will ensure an alt to get into the Guild, unless specified otherwise by an Officer or Shallomarr.


Please post the following template correctly filled out with your information on the forums in the Applications section in order to apply. You may also notify an Officer that you posted an application in game or in a private message AFTER you've already posted the application. Doing so BEFORE you've posted an application does not count as applying.

Character Name:

Character Class:

Character Level:

Raiding EXP:

Current Spec(s):
     Main Spec-
       Off Spec-

Geared Sepc(s):


Armory Link:

Character already in Guild?:

Should you be accepted into the Guild, you will be notified via the forums and/or in game, and a Guild invite will be given to you as soon as an Officer and yourself are online at the same time.

If you are a Roleplayer interested in joining BSG, then please fill out the below application as well. Write it in character and feel free to include any further information you feel your character would include with filling out an application. You will then be contacted in game and given an invite to the Guild. Even though you'll be in the Guild as a Recruit, an in character (IC) meeting and interview will need to take place before you are ICly accepted as a Guild Member. The date, time and place of this meeting will be determined out of character (OOC) to ensure it is a convenient time both for the applicant and the interviewer.

Aside from the application, please also make sure you have the MyRolePlay Add-on installed and activated for your character.



    *Skill Level:

    Reason for joining Blackspire Guard:

    Do you require any further training or need to be apprenticed?

    Additional Information (Optional):

*((Translate your level and/or professions into how skilled your character is in battle and/or with their professions. For example, a level 85 could be described as a Veteran Warrior, Master Enchanter, Master Scorcerer, etc or a level 20 could be a Student Wizard, Apprentice Hunter, etc.))*


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