These laws apply and are enforced both In Character (IC) as well as Out of Character (OOC).

Code of Conduct:
           Respect and honor are the shield on which our black tower is inscribed. Respect those around you, especially those that are light on gold and those who use the trade channel for everything but. Conducting yourself with honor and treating those around you, friend and foe alike, as you wish to be treated shows respect. Honor the Guard and the Guard will honor you.

           This simple code proves to be anything but in an environment that promotes anonymity and school yard behavior. The fact is that we are all human behind our characters. We have feelings we do not wish to have trampled. We all wish to protect ourselves even in Azeroth. Failure to lash out as some wish to causes sharp temperament and impotent rage that can only be expressed in text. For the sake of your own reputation and that of the Guard, you are asked to avoid such situations and ignore those that only wish to get a rise out of you. Arrogance and ignorance are the armor of the weak.

           If someone asks for help, help honestly. If someone asks for gold, decline or oblige respectfully.
           If someone insults your mother, honor her by not responding in kind.


General Rules:
Guild Chat - When speaking in Guild Chat, please refrain from slurs of any type. Swearing and other things are are allowed, but please don't go overboard with the cussing and "adult language" is not allowed in Guild Chat at all. Spamming is also not allowed in Guild Chat and please try to keep conversations between just two people and not the entire Guild.

Officer Chat - This is only visible by Officers of the Guild. Officers should use this channel to conduct Guild related or Raid related business, and not as a channel for side chatter.

Raid Chat - This chat follows the same rules as Guild Chat.

Ventrilo - While we welcome friends to join us, especially if they are participating with the Guild in some manner, Ventrilo is first and foremost for the Blackspire Guard Members. The password is only to be shared with those we can trust won't abuse Vent and who won't invite their buddies to just hang out and take up space. We ask that if you are not participating with the Guild, please do not join Vent. As we all get further in Cata and get our raids started up, the room we have now can and will very quickly disappear. We will ban anyone we find is abusing Vent or is just taking up space for no reason.

Guild Bank - The tabs are currently under reconstruction for what will be contained within each tab and which rank will have access to what. If you choose to remove an item from the Guild Bank, it should be for personal use or crafting for the Guild or another Member. If at any time an item is taken and is found on the Auction House or is sold for money, your access to the Guild Bank will be severely limited and may even include an expulsion from the Guild if the offence is great enough or occurs more than once. Officers are willing to assist you with leveling and withdrawing materials for you from the Guild Bank, but only if the materials are used properly and donations from you to the Guild Bank have occurred. The bank isn't some limitless supply of items, and the Officers of the Guard are not going to be the only ones contributing to the Guild.

Crafting and being a Guild Crafter - If you are a crafter in Blackspire Guard, we will try to help you max out your profession(s) as quickly as possible. Gathering should also be done by the crafter (if possible) as the Guild should not have to level you from 1 to 525. We will be assisting in your progression as best as we can. If the items you make can be disenchanted and you wish to donate them to the Guild to be disenchanted for enchants, please send them to Shallomarr, Acidhealz or another Disenchanter.

Gathering and being a Guild Gatherer - If you are a gatherer in Blackspire Guard, we encourage you to donate to the Guild Bank. Doing so will allow our crafters to make gear at little to no cost to themselves, you or to the Guild Bank, and it will also allow our crafters to level as quickly as possible. Supplying the Guild Crafters with materials also allows our crafters to make gear that can be disenchanted to provide enchants to our raiders and other Guild Members at no cost to themselves or you.

Participation - The more you participate in the Guild, the more the Guild will have to offer you. Signing up for things such as Lowbie Day or PvP events or dungeon marathons is a good way to participate in the Guild. Please don't accept these events for the hell of it, but only if you intend on participating. If you are part of a raid group, this is a great way to participate also, but should you be unable to attend, please notify a Raid authority with at least a 48 hour notice. Failing to do so or neglecting to show up puts the raid group in a tight spot and you may end up being replaced if it occurs frequently.


Raiding/Looting Rules:
Before raiding with Blackspire Guard, please review the raiding rules listed below.
Raid Leaders and Master Looters must know these rules like the back of their hands, so study hard.

Raid Leader - This person is leading the raid, and often times will also be the Master Looter. This person has the highest authority in a raid unless an Officer of equal rank or higher is present. The Officer has the right to counter a Raid Leader's authority, but in private as to not disrupt or enrage/involve the raid group and have the raid either fall apart or spend more time arguing than raiding. Officers may only counter the Raid Leader's authority if they do one of the following:

  • Break a rule of either the Guild or raiding.
  • Pass loot to a player that is either ineligible for the loot, has the item already, or has lost a roll and the winner did not pass their roll off.
  • Begins to make decisions which cause the raid to fall apart, become restless/edgy, or is not leading the raid in a productive manner.

Master Looter - This person is in charge of the loot after every boss (this person can also be the Raid Leader). Items will be posted in NON-Raid Warning to display the loot for people that have died or are unable to see all of the loot (I.E. chests or have moved on to clear trash). Each item will then be displayed in a Raid Warning using the message :

  • /rw MAIN Spec [Item] roll
  • /rw OFF Spec [Item] roll

The message will display the item and what spec you are rolling for, if there are no main spec rolls, it will go to off spec. In the event that the item is not wanted, it will be disenchanted. The Master Looter is also in charge of making sure that no person rolls more than once (and in the event that the person is caught rolling twice, this will count as a raid infraction) and keeps track of how many items that player has won during this raid lock-out (continuing raid lock outs to further the progression will not count as continuation of item counts. Item counts will be reset every 7 days).

Challenging a winner - In the event that an item that is a significant upgrade for you, such as a 251 weapon has just dropped and you are currently using a 200 weapon, and the winner against your roll is going to be replacing a 245 weapon, bring this to the attention of the Master Looter who should then bring it to the attention of the Raid Leader, and the 3 will discuss the matter in a separate conversation. Loot will be passed out while the discussion is occurring. Loot passed out is final, the winner may decide to pass the loot to the runner-up if they feel it is less of an upgrade than it would be for the runner-up. 

Disenchanter - This raid member will be in charge of keeping track of how many items are given to them (in the event they are carrying their own enchanting mats), disenchant them and then place the new items into the Guild Bank.

BoE Epics - These items will be rolled on as MAIN SPEC items only, and winning one will not count towards your boss main spec drops.

BoE Greens - The Master Looter will either A) collect the greens to be sent to the Disenchanter through mail, B) place them in the Guild Bank or C) pass them to the raid disenchanter. All mats will be placed into the Guild Bank.

Winning a roll but not winning the loot - In the event that you have already won several items and you win another against someone who has won fewer items or you have reached your weekly limit, your roll may be over looked. If you would like to challenge this roll, you may, but the chances of receiving the loot are slim to none.

Raiding conduct - Raiding is meant to be fun and enjoyable. Blaming a player for causing a wipe or for being under-geared is disrespectful. Talk in the raid as if you were talking to your great grandma. Be respectful, be respectful, BE RESPECTFUL. Complaining and blaming someone only decreases a players moral and ultimately makes it harder for us to continue raiding. Anyone breaking these rules can suffer as little as a warning to a full raid suspension/Guild demotion or even expulsion from either.

Looting - We do the standard "Here's the item, main spec first, off spec second /roll" method. There is no DKP, its just plain and simple and fast. Please note that the Master Looter and Raid Leader have the final say in where loot goes unless they break a loot distribution rule, which must be brought to the attention of an Officer, and REQUIRES a screenshot. No screenshot, no case.

Ninja Looters - Trying to be sneaky and taking loot from someone who either won or deserves the item is NOT TOLERATED. Anyone caught ninja looting will be severely punished for the behavior and could even be removed from the Guild.


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