Welcome to my Claymore fansite.
        Feel free to browse through the site for information about the Anime
        series as well as the Manga series. You can also find interesting
        images, including some wallpapers that I've made and fanart from
        contributing fans.

The information on this site is based off of what I have already seen for myself of the Anime series as well as what I have read of the Manga thusfar.

There are spoilers throughout the site. Read at your own risk!


Site Updates:                                           [News Archive]
11.22.09 The character bios are complete, for now. If you know
of any more important characters I might have missed or if anything
is inaccurate/wrong, then
please email their information to me and
I will add them or fix the information as soon as possible!
The Manga vs. Anime section is also complete.

Several more character bios have been added. There are
still a few more that need to be filled in, but hopefully will be
completed soon.

There are two new wallpapers available and
the forums are currently under construction now as are
several other pages.

Site is live, but still under construction.
10.29.09 Site under construction.


I do not own or claim to own any of the Claymore images on this site. Many are simply images I found from various other websites or that were sent to me from various people. The only images I claim ownership of are any of the Wallpapers made by myself as well as any special imagery for the site (such as the top banner).

If anyone finds any information to be incorrect on the site either about the Claymore Anime or the Claymore Manga, please feel free to respectfully correct me via email.

This site's design was created entirely by myself and may not be reused in any fashion without permission from myself. If you are interested in creating any sort of website for yourself and would like to hire me to help with the design, please email me and we'll talk about the specifics.

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