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- Also known as Teresa of the Faint Smile, due to the smile present on her face as she kills Yoma, Teresa is the strongest of all the Claymores and holds the rank of 1. She has the ability to sense Yoki to the point where she can tell where the enemy is going to attack long before the attack is made. It is mentioned by another Claymore, Ilena, that Teresa is the only Claymore able to sense Yoki to this extent. Teresa also rarely uses her Yoki, only having used it a few times (in the Manga, she used it to defeat Rosemary in a duel to defend her new promotion to rank 1 as well as against Priscilla - in the Anime, she is only shown to have used her Yoki against Priscilla). The most she has ever unleashed is 10% of her Yoki, which is just enough to change her eye color.

Teresa first meets Clare when Clare is just a child. She killed the Yoma that was holding Clare captive and grudgingly lets Clare follow her after failed attempts to frighten her away or ditch her. Eventually, Teresa begins to care very much for Clare and treats her almost as if she were her own daughter or sister. The hunt for Teresa's head begins in a village where Teresa had killed a horde of Yoma earlier and left Clare in the care of an elderly couple in order to give Clare a life she could never give her; a Human life. She the notices a band of bandits attack the village and she rushes back to find Clare. Teresa manages to save her from a bandit whose hand she had removed several days earlier. She decides to not restrain herself against the bandits and kills every last one for harming Clare.

Teresa first appears in Chapter 12 of the Manga and Episode 5 of the Anime. She appears throughout both series in various flashbacks.

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- Former rank 1 in Teresa's time, she is demoted to rank 2 as soon as Teresa is promoted. Because of this, Rosemary developed a strong hatred for Teresa and even planned an ambush for Teresa in order to kill her. Rosemary sent out her black card after she awakened as a lure for Teresa to catch her off-guard. When Teresa arrives to kill what she assumes is a warrior awaiting death before she transforms, Rosemary attacks and the two battle. Teresa easily deflects Rosemary's attacks and wins the battle. Rosemary then uses her awakened form and attacks Teresa again, fully believing that she now has the power to kill Teresa. However, Teresa once again easily dodges and counters Rosemary's attacks. It's not until Teresa unleashes some of her Yoki, only enough to change her eye color, that Rosemary senses how incredibly powerful Teresa is and how much Yoki she has even despite only releasing enough to make her eyes golden. Teresa easily kills Rosemary by slicing her in two. Rosemary's dying words to Teresa were "You're a monster."

Rosemary first appears in Extra Scene 1 of the Manga. She does not appear in the Anime.

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- A young girl who quickly earned her emblem and rose through the ranks of the Claymores, earning herself the spot at rank 2. Like Teresa, Priscilla has the ability to fight without unleashing her Yoki and actually comes very close to besting Teresa. She was ordered to hunt and kill Teresa with fellow ranks 3 to 5, Ilena, Noel and Sophia. As the battle ensued, it became clear that Priscilla had a fatal flaw that set the difference between herself and Teresa. Priscilla lacked experience. She simply had not been through enough battles to learn her limits or how to control herself. She was unable to remain level headed and eventually unleashes far too much Yoki in an attempt to beat Teresa. She begins to awaken and begs for her death. As Teresa prepares to accept her plea and take Priscilla's head, Priscilla swiftly takes up her sword and lops off both of Teresa's hands. In the split second of shock, Priscilla finishes the job and removes Teresa's head. Before anyone else can react, Priscilla awakens, becoming the most powerful Awakened Being to date. The other Claymores attempt to take her down, but she easily removes them and simply walks away, leaving a young Clare, who witnessed everything, alone with Teresa's body.

Priscilla first appears in Chapter 18 of the Manga and Episode 7 of the Anime. After awakening, she appears throughout both series in various flashbacks as well as a main enemy.

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- The former rank 2 Claymore of Teresa's time, she was replaced by Priscilla and became rank 3. She is also known as Quick Sword Ilena or Flash Sword Ilena because of her ability to use her sword so quickly that it is impossible to see her movement and it appears as though her sword isn't even moving. She was also one of the warriors sent after Teresa to execute her, but once Priscilla became an Awakened Being, she was very quickly defeated. Priscilla removed Ilena's left arm and presumably killed her, but she managed to survive, leaving the battlefield in secret and hid from the organization deep in the woods by surpassing her Yoki for years. She eventually meets up with Clare after Ophelia destroys Clare's right arm and saves her. She mends Clare's wounds and attempts to teach Clare the Quick Sword technique, but after many weeks of training, she decides Clare won't be able to get her left arm to correctly use the technique. Ilena then removes her remaining right arm and gives it to Clare. A few hours after Clare leaves Ilena's home, Ilena is found by Rafaela and is then killed for deserting the organization.

Despite her name appearing as Irene in many places, when you watch the Anime in either Japanese or English, she is in fact called Ilena and she is even called Ilena in the Manga. If her name were Irene, then the Japanese pronunciation would be Airiin, not Irena. You can use this Japanese translator for yourself to see the difference in pronunciation for both names in Japanese:

Ilena first appears in Chapter 18 of the Manga and Episode 7 of the Anime. She appears later on in both series to help Clare and gives Clare her right arm. From then on, all that remains of Ilena is Clare's new right arm.

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- The current rank 1 Claymore during Clare's time as well as after the seven year gap following the Northern Campaign and twin sister to Beth who is the current rank 2 Claymore. Alicia and Beth have a unique ability that allows Alicia to become an Awakened Being, but keep her full Human soul and mind in control. They form a sort of "soul link" which allows Alicia to return fully to normal even after fully awakening, however, should Beth become distracted by attacks, it affects Alicia's control and movement. This ability of hers is how she killed several Awakened Beings and almost kills Riful and Dauf before being interrupted by the Awakened Being that was created after Rafaela and Luciela combined together.

Personality wise, Alicia is completely empty. She is absolutely obedient to the organization and reports her every move and even ever anticipated move to them as well as following all orders without question. In fact, she doesn't even speak unless it is to inform someone of something she intends to do.

Alicia first appears in Chapter 62 of the Manga. She does not appear in the Anime.

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- Former rank 4 of Teresa's time, she became rank 5 with Priscilla's promotion and was also assigned to hunt down and kill Teresa. She and Sophia were always in competition for each others rank and were very close in power. Noel's special attributes are her agility and speed. She is very tomboyish in appearance as well as personality, and her squabbles with Sophia seem to be nothing more than harmless rivalry between friends, despite the constant teasing and competition. When she first meets Priscilla, she is angered, perhaps even jealous, that such a young girl became rank 2 so quickly, but once she sees Priscilla's ability, she quickly changes from being angered to almost fearful. After Priscilla awakens, she attempts to take her down along with Sophia and Ilena, but is quickly killed by Priscilla. In the Manga, she manages to cut Priscilla's arm off with Sophia's help before being killed.

Noel first appears in Chapter 18 of the Manga and Episode 7 of the Anime.

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- Noel's close friend and rival. She was formerly rank 3 in Teresa's time and was demoted to rank 4 with Priscilla's promotion. She is Noel's opposite in appearance and personality in that she is very feminine and lady-like. Her power is close with Noel's, though Sophia's special attribute is her brute strength. Where Noel likes to attack with finesse and agility, Sophia likes to attack head on with all her strength in her sword. She was also part of Teresa's execution party and was also killed when she attacked the awakened Priscilla.

Sophia first appears in Chapter 18 of the Manga and Episode 7 of the Anime.

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- Also known as The Dark Silver Eye, she is rank 31 during Clare's time and deserts the organization with the other Northern Campaign survivors. Though she is not in the Anime for very long, she has quite a role in the Manga. She is very serious and tactical, and she is very loyal to Miria who was her team leader during the Northern Campaign against Easley's army. After that battle, she began to develop her ability to sense Yoki and has been able to reach a level very close to Galatea's, but is still unable to sense as far as Galatea can. In order to use her ability she must stand completely still with her eyes closed.

Tabitha first appears in Chapter 50 of the Manga and Episode 24 of the Anime.

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- Using her special technique Gentle Sword, she is the current rank 3 Claymore after the seven year gap following the Northern Campaign. She is a very well mannered and proud warrior with a personality similar to that of Sophia. She and Rachel are very close friends as well and both are introduced during a battle against Riful. Audrey uses her special technique against Riful, who names it Gentle Sword due to the fact that it allows Audrey to deflect attacks without using force against it. Unfortunately, she and Rachel are both easily defeated by Riful, but are saved from death by Clare, Miria, Deneve and Helen.

Audrey first appears in Chapter 81 of the Manga. She does not appear in the Anime.

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- At the weakest rank of 47, Clare is able to learn and improve herself very quickly, even while in the middle of a battle. At a young age, she was taken captive by a Yoma who forced her to travel around with him. He would beat and abuse Clare, covering her body in scars and bruises. They traveled from town to town, Clare being the Yoma's "shield" as he wreaked havoc in the villages until the day when they happened to stop in a town that Teresa of the Faint Smile was assigned to. Teresa found the Yoma quickly, killing it before it could even reveal itself, and Clare quickly clung to Teresa's side. Despite Teresa's attempts to beat Clare off and ditch her, the two grew close as Teresa finally understood that Clare shared Teresa's feelings of loneliness and despair and that Clare wanted to help her find some happiness. Clare chose to become a Claymore after Teresa is beheaded by the awakened Priscilla, and asks for Teresa's blood and flesh to be combined with her own instead of a Yoma's. Because of this, Clare is actually only a quarter Yoma instead of half like the other Claymores.

Clare is a very passionate woman despite the cold front she holds in the beginning of the series. She quickly becomes attached to Raki because he reminds her of herself when she was younger. Perhaps having Raki follow her was another way for her to remember Teresa and the life they once had together. As the series progresses, Clare does all she can to protect Raki as well as get closer to her goal of finding and killing Priscilla. She goes through many different events that expand her knowledge and skills as well as test them. She nearly awakens fairly early on in the series, but with Raki's help, she is able to suppress the overwhelming urge to awaken. This causes her to be flagged and watched by the organization, but due to her near awakening, she is also able to perform many amazing feats that she previously could not, such as learning how to control her Yoki to tame Elena's right arm when it is given to her, as well as being able to awaken parts of herself, such as her legs, in order to fight powerful and fast enemies.

Clare first appears in Chapter 1 of the Manga and Episode 1 of the Anime. She is the main character of the series.

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- Also known as Phantom Miria for her incredible speed, which leaves behind a brief "ghost" of herself whenever she moves, is rank 6 among the Claymores during Clare's time before she deserts the organization. She appears to be very calm and makes a very good leader. She is calculating and gives the impression of being severely loyal to the organization, spouting off rules and regulations that must be followed, but it is merely a cover. Due to the fact that she nearly awakened while on a mission to hunt down and kill an Awakened Being that was once her closest friend, the organization marked Miria for death. She quickly realizes this after being sent on several missions to hunt down and kill extremely powerful male Awakened Beings; missions that normally she would not survive.

She befriends Clare, Helen and Deneve on their mission to kill a male Awakened Being and learns that they all nearly became Awakened Beings at one point, which only further supports her belief that the organization is trying to get rid of their "problem children." She continues on, however, pretending to be under the organization's control so that she can dig for any secret information the organization might be trying to hide.

Miria first appears in Chapter 25 of the Manga and Episode 9 of the Anime.

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- Using her Drill Sword technique, which utilizes energy she stores in her arm by twisting it 21 times and then releasing it in a single burst, she is the current rank 9 Claymore of Clare's time. She is extremely honorable and loyal and her Drill Sword is considered to be the most powerful singular attack among all of the Claymores. She is first introduced on an Awakened Being hunt that leads her to Riful's lair. She is trapped along with the other Claymores she was with and is forced to awaken. Clare arrives just as Jean's body awakens, but through sheer willpower, Jean manages to keep her Human mind in control long enough to give Clare a chance to help her revert back to normal. Because of this, Jean swears her life to Clare and literally does any and everything she can to help Clare. Jean follows Clare up until the Northern Campaign. In the Anime, Clare chases after Priscilla and surpasses her limit fully and she begs for death. It is after this battle that Jean sacrifices her life to help Clare revert back to normal. In the Manga, this happens a bit sooner after Clare's battle with Rigaldo. In either case, Jean dies in order to help Clare turn back to her normal self.

Jean first appears in Chapter 45 of the Manga and Episode 15 of the Anime.

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- After the seven year skip in the Manga, Clarice is introduced as the new rank 47 Claymore. She is far different from any other Claymore because she actually retained her natural hair color, which indicates that her Yoki power is far below normal. She does, however, have the typical silver eyes of the Claymores. Because of her hair color, she is seen as a "failed experiment" and is very much disliked by other Claymores, especially Nina, which causes her to act very timid. She was really only given an emblem and rank because the organization desperately needed warriors.

After surviving an ambush by Awakened Beings, she unknowingly stumbles upon the site of the Northern Campaign and finds the graves of the fallen Claymores from that battle seven years ago. She finds it odd, however, since it was believed that no one survived it. She counts seventeen swords there and realizes that seven are missing. She reports this to the organization and is assigned to assist Miata in hunting down and killing Galatea. Due to Miata's unstable and childlike mentality, Clarice allows Miata to bond to her and mimics breast feeding in order to calm Miata. The two find Galatea and engage in battle, but are interrupted by the Awakened Being Agatha. Clarice, Miata and Galatea are defeated by the Awakened Being, but are saved by Clare, Miria, Helen and Deneve just in time. After the battle, Clarice, Miata and Galatea all remain together in Rabona.

Clarice first appears in Chapter 65 of the Manga. She does not appear in the Anime.

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- A very cheerful and optimistic fighter, though she desperately wishes to avenge her fallen friend Veronica, she was rank 14 during Clare's time. She was part of the Northern Campaign against Easley's army and is one of the seven survivors who also leaves the organization and goes into hiding. She is only shown briefly in the Anime before being injured during the battle, but after the seven year time gap in the Manga, she resurfaces and has developed her defensive ability to heal to where she can manipulate another Claymore's Yoki to assist them in healing. She uses this ability to help heal Galatea after the battle with the Awakened Being Agatha. She later travels west with Clare and Uma to find Raki and aids in several battles with Yoma. It is then uncovered that she is fairly greedy when it comes to money, which Clare guesses is probably why the organization marked Cynthia as a "problem child" also.

She joins Clare and Uma in a battle against Riful in an attempt to save Renee before Riful manages to awaken her. During the fight, Uma's leg is cut off in order to save her and Cynthia begins to regenerate her leg while Clare continues to pursue Riful. An injured Helen and Deneve appear and she begins to heal Helen's eye, which causes her to exhaust herself. Helen and Deneve eventually move on, leaving Uma and Cynthia alone. They are then attacked by the combined Awaken Being of Rafaela and Luciela, causing Cynthia to become severely injured and a not fully healed Uma is forced to carry Cynthia to safety. The two come across an injured Beth who awakens just as Cynthia warns Uma to stay away from her.

Cynthia first appears in Chapter 50 of the Manga and Episode 18 of the Anime.

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- Known as Blood Eye among the Claymores, she is a young girl who is rank 4 after the seven year gap following the Northern Campaign. She has incredible strength as well as incredible senses without needing to use her Yoki. She is able to kill a Yoma with her bare hands and her five senses are superhuman, allowing her to fight instinctively without a need to rely on sensing Yoki. She is even able to tell another warrior's strength without having to sense their Yoki. Because of this ability, she is tasked with tracking down Galatea who has been suppressing her Yoki and can not be tracked by any other Claymore. The fact that she does not use her Yoki in order to attack also makes her an ideal opponent against Galatea.

Even though Miata is still a fairly young girl, her mentality is even younger and she ends up developing a daughter-like relationship with Clarice, even going as far as trying to breast feed from her. She is also very single minded; in the battle against the Awakened Being Agatha, Miata focused on her original mission of trying to kill Galatea even as Agatha attacked. It wasn't until Agatha began to attack Clarice that Miata switched targets and tried to save her. After the battle, she remains in Rabona with Galatea and Clarice.

Miata first appears in Chapter 68 of the Manga. She does not appear in the Anime.

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- The rank 11 Claymore of Clare's time, she is extremely aggressive and brash. She also carries two claymore swords, one belonging to a fallen friend of hers whom she was unable to save and continues to blame herself for her death. Undine hides her fragile mind and body by using some of her Yoki to make her body appear extremely muscular, which does give her incredible strength, and plays tough in front of others. It's not until after Deneve stumbles upon her crying during the Northern Campaign and is comforted by Deneve that she relaxes on her "tough guy" persona a bit and begins to show concern toward her fellow warriors.

She is killed during the battle with Rigaldo, despite her incredible strength. Deneve later blames herself for not being able to save Undine, relating the event to when her sister was eaten by a Yoma. Deneve takes Undine's swords, placing the one that was once Undine's friend's sword as her grave marker and then taking Undine's actual sword for herself to use as a tool of vengeance.

Undine first appears in Chapter 51 of the Manga and Episode 18 of the Anime.

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- A defensive fighter, her regeneration ability is exceptional even among other defensive Claymores. She is rank 15 in Clare's time and first meets Clare along with Miria and Helen during Clare's first Awakened Being hunt. During this mission, she reveals that like the others, she too nearly became an Awakened Being, but managed to revert back. Before meeting Helen, Deneve was a reckless fighter. She hated herself for being a coward when she was still Human; hiding under a bed while her family were devoured above her. Helen explained to her that it was perfectly normal that she had a strong instinct to live because they were merely Human after all. This deeply affected Deneve, though her shame for hiding did not fade, and a deep friendship grew between the two. She is now a very cool and calculating fighter and meets up with Clare, Miria and Helen again at the Northern Campaign where she befriends Undine after catching her in a moment of despair and takes up her sword after she falls in battle. She survives with the others and goes into hiding from the organization.

After the seven year time gap in the Manga, she has improved her ability to fight with both swords and has learned how to augment her muscles and therefore strength in a manner similar to Undine. This is what allows her to slice through the Awakened Being Agatha's body. She and Helen spilt apart from Clare who travels west. The two travel toward Helen's hometown where they come across several Claymore losing a battle against an Awakened Being. They are joined by one of the Claymores there who introduces herself as Dietrich rank 8, and the three are able to subdue the Awakened Being. Dietrich joins Helen and Deneve after realizing that they are survivors of the Northern Campaign.

Deneve first appears in Chapter 25 of the Manga and Episode 9 of the Anime.

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- Former rank 6, she was Miria's closest friend, but unfortunately hit her limit and became an Awakened Being. In the Anime, Miria is shown with another party hunting down an Awakened Being, which happens to be Hilda. Miria is unaware that she is hunting Hilda until she lands the killing blow on the Awakened Being and Hilda's face changes back to how she looked before she awakened. The shock of killing her dearest friend causes Miria to nearly awaken herself, but she manages to suppress it and revert back to her normal self.

The Manga offers a little more back story into what happened. When Hilda realizes she has hit her Yoki limit, she does in fact send out her black card to Miria. She gives her card to Ophelia to deliver to Miria, but instead of passing the card on, Ophelia destroys it and Hilda awakens.

Hilda first appears in Extra Scene 2 of the Manga and Episode 11 of the Anime.

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- A fairly hot tempered woman, she is rank 22 during Clare's time. She tends to speak very harshly, seeming to not care how people may react to what she has to say. She also has a fairly large appetite for a Claymore and takes pleasure in eating, which is extremely odd among the warriors. Another unique thing about her is that she is able to stretch her arms and legs to incredible lengths and her uniform seems to reflect this with the black parts on the arms and legs. This is partly due to the fact that she almost became an Awakened Being, but she was able to revert back. She was also first introduced with Miria and Deneve during Clare's first Awakened Being hunt.

She knew Deneve long before she met Clare or Miria and was the one who snapped Deneve out of her suicidal tendencies by reminding her that even though they are half-Yoma and half-Human, they are still Human. She later rejoins Miria, Clare and Deneve in the Northern Campaign, but is defeated by Rigaldo. She survives the battle despite being injured and goes into hiding with the other survivors to train and perfect their abilities in hopes of bringing down the organization. During this time, Helen manages to learn Jean's Drill Sword technique. She uses this technique to help kill the Awakened Being Agatha along with Deneve and Dietrich and travels with the two to meet back up with Clare after being easily defeated by Easley.

Helen first appears in Chapter 25 of the Manga and Episode 9 of the Anime.

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- Once rank 2 during Luciela's time, she is rank 5 during Clare's time and is first introduced as Ilena's hunter. She is also the sister of Luciela who was rank 1 before she became an Awakened Being. Both Rafaela and Luciela were taken into the organization to be their first experiment with using a soul link in order to control an Awakened Being. Unfortunately, the experiment fails and causes Luciela to fully awaken, Rafaela loses her left eye and the organization loses half of their warriors during Luciela's rampage.

All the Anime shows of Rafaela is that she tracks and kills Ilena. The Manga goes on to show Rafaela eventually reunite with her awakened sister after she battles Easley. Luciela is weakened from her battle and the sight of her sister in such a state causes Rafaela to run to her and embrace her, apologizing for not being able to help her. Luciela attempts to talk Rafaela into awakening to help fight back against Easley, but instead Rafaela uses her Yoki to give her the strength to break Luciela's back. Unfortunately, in doing this, Rafaela unknowingly transferred her life force into her dead sister's body and essentially merges with her. This causes both Rafaela and Luciela to live as a single being and when they come to, the new being becomes an Awakened Being.

Rafaela first appears in Chapter 38 of the Manga and Episode 14 of the Anime.

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- A childhood friend of Clare's, she joined the organization at the same time as Clare, but reached her limit far sooner than her. Not much else is really known about Elena. Elena and Clare comforted each other during the painful process of becoming a Claymore and once Elena hit her limit and began to awaken, she sent her black card within her sword to Clare.

Clare meets her old friend on Mount Shire and quickly puts her out of her misery. Elena's sword is placed as a tombstone at her grave as is tradition for fallen warriors.

Elena first appears in Chapter 4 of the Manga and Episode 2 of the Anime.

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- First introduced during the Northern Campaign, she is rank 8 during Clare's time. She is also known as Windcutter Flora because of her incredible ability to move her sword so quickly that it appears as if it remained sheathed through out the entire attack. She was one of the team leaders during the Northern Campaign against Easley's army. Once Rigaldo joins the battle, she does not last long at all, being sliced in half very quickly by Rigaldo.

Flora first appears in Chapter 50 of the Manga and Episode 18 of the Anime.

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- A close friend of Audrey's, she is rank 5 after the seven year gap following the Northern Campaign. She uses a technique that Audrey calls Strong Sword, which is a powerful attack she performs by restraining her blade - either in the ground or by using a comrade's sword - and applies a large amount of pressure against her sword before releasing it like a spring. Personality wise, she is very hot tempered and confrontational - very similar to Noel.

She is first introduced with Audrey during their fight against Riful. However, Rachel's Strong Sword is ineffective against Riful and both are saved by Clare, Helen, Deneve and Miria.

Rachel first appears in Chapter 81 of the Manga. She does not appear in the Anime.

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- First introduced during Clare's first Awakened Being hunt, she is rank 3 during Clare's time. She has the ability to sense Yoki from farther distances and with greater detail than any other Claymore. She also has the ability to control an opponent's Yoki, which she first demonstrates against Dauf in Riful's lair by throwing his attacks off course. Only when Riful intervenes and tells Dauf to calm down and focus his attacks does Galatea's ability become ineffective. In the Anime, she does not appear very often. She is sent to find Clare after she goes missing after her battle with Ophelia. That's when she finds Clare in Riful's lair.

In the Manga, after the seven year gap, Galatea manages to escape Dietrich who is sent to hunt her and arrives in Rabona, a city where Claymores are forbidden. In order to be accepted into the city, she destroyed her own eyes and became a nun within the city where she began caring for orphaned children. While living in Rabona, Galatea senses the presence of the Awakened Being Agatha and decides to use herself as bait to lure Claymores to the city and kill the Awakened Being. However, only Miata and Clarice come to the city and Miata's single-minded thinking caused her to focus only on attacking Galatea. It's not until the Awakened Being attacks Clarice that Miata changes her attention to Agatha and the three Claymores fight her together. Unfortunately, the three of them can not defeat the Awakened Being and are saved by Uma, Clare, Helen, Miria, Cynthia, Tabitha and Deneve just in time. Galatea is allowed to remain in Rabona with Miata and Clarice.

Galatea first appears in Chapter 25 of the Manga and Episode 9 of the Anime.

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- Extremely sadistic and violent, she is rank 4 during Clare's time. She takes great pleasure in fighting regardless of who it is against and it is even hinted at that she has killed Humans for the fun of it, despite being the worst crime among the Claymores to commit.

She developed a powerful technique she named Rippling Sword, where she undulates her arm so quickly that her sword appears to ripple. She also craved a nickname like several other Claymores had, such as Phantom Miria, and so she named herself Rippling Ophelia or Ophelia of the Ripples. However, the name hasn't caught on because everyone she has used this technique against, she's killed.

When she first meets Clare, she plays a "game" with her and Raki. She cuts off both of Clare's legs and then begins to fight against Raki, slowly increasing her strength and speed the longer it takes Clare to reattach her legs. The "game" is interrupted by an Awakened Being. Clare flees with Raki while Ophelia fights the Awakened Being alone. She manages to kill the Awakened Being despite having her neck broken and head fully twisted around, and follows after Clare. She eventually catches up to her and begins to fight her directly. Ophelia manages to remove Clare's right arm and destroys it completely, and just as she tries to lang a killing blow on Clare, Ilena appears and defeats Ophelia using her Quick Sword, causing Ophelia to fall unconscious and allowing Ilena to flee with Clare. When Ophelia comes to, she is overwhelmed by fear due to her defeat. She calls out for her brother who was eaten by Yoma years ago and begs him to protect her. Soon her fear turns to anger, anger toward Ilena for defeating her, anger toward herself for being weak and even anger toward her brother for being eaten and not saving her. Her anger causes her to become an Awakened Being, though she does not realize it. It's not until she finds Clare again at a lake and does battle with her that she sees what she's become in her reflection on the water.

Now aware of what she is, she plays one last game with Clare. She forces her Human self to the end of her long, snake-like body and allows Clare to chop through her body to reach the Human portion of her. If Clare makes it before awakening, then she'll allow her to place the killing blow. If she does not make it, however, then Ophelia is the "winner." She attempts to stop Clare once, but the memory of her brother sacrificing his life to save hers causes her to stop and allow Clare to reach her Human portion and kill her.

Ophelia first appears in Chapter 31 of the Manga and Episode 12 of the Anime.

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- During Clare's time she is rank 13 and appears to be a close friend of Cynthia. She does not appear in either the Manga or Anime for very long and first appears during the Northern Campaign. She is a defensive Claymore and appears to be very calm and selfless. While in battle against the Awakened Beings, Cynthia comments about how they were taking injuries while attacking and Veronica simply replies that it's perfectly understandable since they are defensive fighters after all. She helps her team defeat the Awakened Beings, but once Rigaldo appears on the battlefield she becomes his first target as one of the group leaders and is easily killed.

Veronica first appears in Chapter 50 of the Manga and Episode 18 of the Anime.

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- One of the seven survivors of the Northern Campaign, she is rank 40 during Clare's time. She leaves the organization and travels with the other survivors, training herself to become more powerful. However, even after her training with the others, she feels she is still below them in power. Not much else is known about her, though after some time she learns of her strength to easily defeat higher ranked Claymore and Awakened Beings. She also learns how to throw her sword incredible distances.

Uma first appears in Chapter 50 of the Manga and Episode 18 of the Anime.

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- The twin sister of Alicia, she is rank 2 during Clare's time as well as after the seven year gap following the Northern Campaign. Like her sister, Beth has no personality at all. Both she and Alicia were trained for the sole purpose of hunting and killing Awakened Beings and were taught how to create a soul link. Through this link, Alicia is able to fully awaken while her Human soul is contained by her sister Beth. When she releases her sister's soul, Alicia is able to revert back to normal.

After the seven year gap in the Manga, Alicia and Beth are sent out by the organization to hunt and kill the Creatures of the Abyss or Abyssal Ones as they are also known as. The two sisters follow the Abyss Feeders to Riful and Dauf and begin to attack. Alicia awakens and Beth contains her Human soul. When Riful realizes this, she tells Dauf to attack Beth. Despite having her eyes closed to focus on holding her sister's soul, she is able to easily dodge Dauf's attacks, though this ends up affecting Alicia's movement. They are all then ambushed by the combined Awakened Being of Rafaela and Luciela, who manages to eventually impale Beth, which then seems to cause Alicia to fully lose her Human mind and soul. Beth is later found by Uma and Cynthia just before she becomes an Awakened Being.

Beth first appears in Chapter 62 of the Manga. She does not appear in the Anime.

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- A fairly young Claymore, she is rank 8 after the seven year gap following the Northern Campaign. She is first seen in an Awakened Being hunting party where she is the highest ranked Claymore, but the entire party is unfortunately inexperienced with fighting Awakened Beings as well as underpowered. Helen and Deneve happen upon the group's battle and watch for a while until the entire party except for Dietrich is incapacitated. The two jump in to aid Dietrich and together they defeat the Awakened Being. She is extremely loyal to the organization as she refuses to honor Helen and Deneve's request of keeping the incident with the Awakened Being a secret from the organization and eventually convinces them to allow her to travel with them as a guide through the South. It seems she realizes that they are survivors from the Northern Campaign as she mentions that the South has changed a lot in the last seven years. Once they arrive, they find Easley and several Abyss Feeders. Dietrich assists Helen and Deneve in a fight against the Abyss Feeders and Easley, and manages to escape with the two out of the town, leaving Easley to deal with the Abyss Feeders. Once they are safe again, Dietrich explains what the Abyss Feeders are to Helen and Deneve.

Before going their separate ways, she is asked to deliver a message to Miria and Tabitha in Rabona informing them of the Abyss Feeders and Easley. She does so in order to pay back the debt she feels she owes the two for helping her earlier, but does not divulge any more information than that despite Miria's inquiries due to her loyalty to the organization.

Dietrich first appears in Chapter 85 of the Manga. She does not appear in the Anime.

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- The current rank 6 Claymore after the seven year gap following the Northern Campaign against Easley's army, she has been appointed as the new "Eye" for the organization after Galatea's desertion. She is first introduced when she runs into Raki and Priscilla in Raki's old hometown. Raki manages to kill the Yoma there and she begins to question Raki about himself and Priscilla. When he fails to answer her straight, she begins to get short with him and even grabs him by the collar of his shirt. This causes Priscilla to become protective of Raki and grab Renee's arm, easily pulling it away from Raki. This causes Renee to realize what Priscilla really is and questions Raki. He admits he knows what Priscilla is and then questions Renee about Clare. She replies stating that she is no longer rank 47 and most likely dead. She then leaves the two, though making sure to keep sensing Priscilla's Yoki. Unfortunately, she is captured by Riful of the West.

When she regains consciousness, she realizes she has been captured by Riful and her arms and legs have been severed and pinned by Dauf's rods. Riful then presents a deal to Renee; she can reattach her limbs and leave, if she cooperates and awakens the new combined being of Luciela and Rafaela using her Yoki manipulation abilities. Able to sense the immense power within the being, she begins to stall in hopes of escaping without awakening the being. She is eventually able to escape when Clare arrives. It is implied that she doesn't fully escape Riful, however, and is killed, though this is not confirmed.

Renee first appears in Chapter 81 of the Manga. She does not appear in the Anime.

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Awakened Beings
Priscilla - When Priscilla first awakens, she is a winged being with a single horn in the center of her forehead. She still retains a very feminine form and her face seems more adult than previously while she was still a Claymore. As the years go on, she somehow loses her memory and reverts to her original Human form, where she goes behaves as a Human, minus her odd eating habits. She is found by Easley of the North and taken in as his companion. Raki eventually meets both Easley and Priscilla in the North and assumes both are Human. Priscilla takes a liking to Raki and seems to almost adopt him for herself. It's not until Raki catches Priscilla eating the innards of a Human that he learns what she really is. She soon regains her memories and awareness of who and what she is, and her awakened form is more masculine than it was when she first awoke. She is now the most powerful Awakened Being there is, far surpassing both Easley and Riful of the West.

Riful of the West - She was the first rank 1 female Claymore to awaken and did so at a very young age. Like Priscilla, Riful takes on her original Human form, but despite her innocent appearance, she has no regard for anyone who tries to get in her way and will smile even as she tortures and kills her victims. She is ruthless and very cunning. When Easley of the North began to amass his army, Riful began to create her own as well, but instead of rallying Awakened Beings to her, she chose to lure in Claymores and force them to awaken so she could pick and choose the most powerful to be on her side. Because of her incredible strength and being one of the three rank 1 Claymores to ever awaken, she is known as a Creature of the Abyss or an Abyssal One.

As a Human, she is a very young girl with long, brown hair. Her awakened form, however, is in complete contrast to her innocent facade. In her awakened form, her body consists of extremely resilient, fleshy strips and is very intimidating. She can use her strips to move at incredible speeds, make herself appear enormous, impale her enemies or entangle them, and to fool her enemies by forming them in the shape of a feminine humanoid figure to give the impression that she has a solid body where her vital organs are vulnerable.

Riful first appears in Chapter 42 of the Manga and Episode 15 of the Anime.

Dauf - A male Awakened Being who was rank 3 when he was a Claymore and has become Riful's lover due to the fact that he is the only one who can survive being with her. He is a very powerful, yet a very low-brow Awakened Being. He has nearly impenetrable skin, the ability to shoot tough rods from his body and incredible strength, but he also cries when he is hurt and whines like a child.

His Human form is that of an adult man with large muscles. Even as a Human, he is still very ignorant and behaves the same as he does in his awakened form. His awakened form is huge and covered with plating all over his body with only a few weak points which can actually be penetrated easily. He is deathly loyal to Riful and does everything she asks of him, including torturing Claymores to awaken them and then disposing of the weak Awakened Beings.

Dauf first appears in Chapter 42 of the Manga and Episode 15 of the Anime.

Easley of the North - Also known as the Silver King, Easley (or Isley) is the Creature of the Abyss in the North. He was the first, and only rank 1 male Claymore to awaken. He is the main reason for the sudden movement of the Awakened Beings in the North and the war raging between the Creatures of the Abyss. He also finds Priscilla while she is rampaging through the North and battles her. She nearly kills Easley before she reverts to her Human form and loses some of her memory, presumably due to an injury Easley may have caused her. Once he realizes this, he changes to his Human form as well to comfort Priscilla and gain her trust. He takes her on as a companion in hopes to use her against the other Creatures of the Abyss so that he could gain control over everything. For a short time he also takes in Raki as he searches for Clare in the North. Easley teaches Raki how to use a sword before Raki discovers that there is a group of Claymores in Pieata and runs off to find Clare.

Easley's Human form is that of a young man with long, silver hair. When he changes to his awakened form, he is a large, black centaur-like creature with the ability to morph his arms into any weapon he chooses, including a bow which shoots organic arrows that he can control and use to chase his opponents down. With Priscilla on his side, he stands as the most powerful awakened force between the three Creatures of the Abyss. He quickly kills Luciela of the South to not only gain her territory and keep his promise to take Priscilla to the South, but to remove any possibility of her joining forces with Riful, as that would have been the only possible way to defeat Priscilla.

Easley first appears in Chapter 10 of the Manga and Episode 19 of the Anime.

Rigaldo - Also known as the Silver-eyed Lion King and also spelled as Rigardo (Japanese characters do not have a 'L' character and the ら, り, る, れ, ろ characters translate to both 'R' sounds and 'L' sounds - this is why Japanese have a hard time distinguishing 'L's and 'R's), he is Easley's right-hand man. He was rank 2 during the same era as Easley and Dauf, and after he awoke, he even fought Easley for his territory. However, after being easily defeated by Easley, he chose to join Easley and serve him.

In Human form, Rigaldo seems to be an average young man, though his eyes are silver. In his awakened form, he resembles a lion that walks on two legs with a dark mane. His eyes remain silver which is why he is called the Silver-eyed Lion King. He is very powerful and very quick. His first appearance is during the Northern Campaign where the 24 Claymore warriors are sent to battle the Awakened Beings gathered there. He has the awakened horde fall back and single handedly kills three of the five captains - Flora, Undine and Veronica, mortally wounds Jeane who later dies after getting Clare to revert back to normal, and seriously injures Miria. Clare finally kills him after she awakens her legs and attacks all out in her partially awakened rage.

Rigaldo first appears in Chapter 56 of the Manga and Episode 20 of the Anime.

Luciela of the South - Sister to Rafaela, she was rank 1 during a time when Teresa was still just a child. Along with her sister, she was the first experiment of the soul link technique, which failed when Rafaela was unable to control her sister in her awakened form. It is said that the two failed with the soul link because they were not identical twins, like Alicia and Beth are. Luciela fully awakens within the organization's headquarters and causes massive devastation. She then leaves and becomes the Creature of the Abyss in the South or the Abyssal One of the South as she is also known.

In later years, Easley eventually wanders into her territory and battles her for it. She is easily defeated and nearly killed. She reverts to Human form to hide and finds her sister Rafaela. She pleads with her sister to become an Awakened Being and help her defeat Easley, but instead Rafaela attempts to kill her by breaking her back. However, instead of fully killing her sister as intended, Rafaela somehow merges with her. Riful finds the combined being and attempts to awaken it further into a more powerful Awakened Being by using the Claymore Renee's ability to manipulate Yoki.

In her Human form, Luciela resembles a young girl with long hair pulled up into bunches. She is seen wearing a long, ruffled dress. In her awakened form, she is a large, humanoid with feline hind legs and features. Her head resembles a cat with two gaping jaws one atop the other. She also has two muscular tails with multiple fanged mouths that run along the length of them. She is also able to create these types of mouths all along her body. As the combined Awakened Being, she resembles the statue of Clare and Teresa and can form a halo-like mass from the open mouths of the two faces, which in turn can fire off rods of its own that then morph into cat-like creatures that resemble Luciela's original awakened form.

Luciela first appears in Chapter 11 of the Manga. She does not appear in the Anime.

Agatha - A former rank 2 Claymore from an unknown time, she is first introduced in Rabona where Galatea easily senses her presence. Not much is known about her past life as a Claymore other than she was once called Blood Red Agatha, which she apparently earned by bathing in the blood of slain enemies. She hides in Rabona, picking off a few Humans here and there to prevent raising suspicions, but once Galatea lures Claymores Miata and Clarice to the city, she begins to battle the three warriors and easily defeats them.

Her awakened form is a massive creature with eight legs and countless tentacles which attach like hair to her Human form. Her Human body on top is merely a lure she uses to trick her attackers into believing it is her weak point. She is eventually killed when Clare, Uma, Miria, Deneve, Tabitha, Cynthia and Helen appear. They manage to remove her legs, which causes her to hide her Human form within tentacles and increases her size immensely. Tabitha is able to sense where Agatha is hiding her Human body and informs the others that it is hidden within the tentacles and is being moved throughout them to make attacking it more difficult. Together, the seven warriors quickly cut Agatha down to her Human form and Clare finishes her with her Quick Sword.

Agatha first appears in Chapter 75 of the Manga. She does not appear in the Anime.

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Hilda - Once Miria's closest friend, Hilda became an Awakened Being after she hit her Yoki limit and gave her black card to Ophelia to deliver to Miria. Ophelia destroyed the card, however, dooming Hilda to transform and eventually be slain by Miria on an Awakened Being hunt. Her awakened form in the Anime is very different looking than her form in the Manga.

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Ophelia - After being attacked by Ilena, Ophelia awoke feeling frightened, which quickly changed to angered, which then became enraged. This caused her to awaken, though she was completely unaware of this until she saw her reflection in a lake.

Her awakened form is half-Human, half-serpent, with her Human forum sitting atop of a very long serpent tail. She also has various blades coming from her head as well as her back and her arms are able to morph into similar looking blades.

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Alicia and Beth - With the soul link, Alicia is able to become an Awakened Being, but her Human soul and mind are kept with her twin sister, Beth, so she is able to revert easily. Eventually, Beth is badly hurt which causes her to not only lose control of her sister, but awaken herself.

Alicia's awakened form retains a very feminine form and her body is covered in what looks like bladed armor. Her arms also morph into blades. Beth's form is different, however, despite them being identical twins. Beth resembles Luciela's awakened form slightly, though her original body is attached to the cat-like body and she is missing her head. Like Alicia, Beth also has bladed appendages on her head, neck, arms and body.

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Rosemary - The rank 1 Claymore until Teresa was promoted, she then became rank 2. Due to the fact that Teresa was promoted without even so much as a duel to test their strength, Rosemary developed a strong grudge against Teresa and purposely became an Awakened Being in an attempt to kill her.

In her Human form, she appears to be a normal Claymore with silver eyes and pale blonde hair. In her awakened form, her Human face and torso are attached to a larger creature's torso with large spikes coming from her shoulders and extra mouths on her legs.

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Other Characters

- A young Human boy whose family was eaten by Yoma and was saved by Clare when she arrived in his village to slay the Yoma. He took a quick interest in Clare from the moment she entered the village. After she killed the Yoma, who was hiding in the form of Raki's older brother Zaki, the village exiled Raki in fear that he might also be "infected" with Yoma. He followed Clare through the desert and refused to stop pursuing her despite her attempts to ditch him. She eventually agrees to allow the boy to travel with her as her cook - a skill he admits to her in the village that he learned while living with his uncle in order to help out. Raki is a very soft hearted boy and he cares deeply for Clare. He has a strong sense of what's right and wrong and will firmly stand up for his beliefs and his friend. He is eager to help Clare in any way he can, be it cooking or learning how to fight with a sword of his own.

Raki first appears in Chapter 1 of the Manga and Episode 1 of the Anime. He remains a main character up to the end of both series.

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- A well trained soldier of Rabona, he is one of the captains of the holy guard. He is first introduced when Clare enters the city undercover in order to find and kill the Yoma that was hiding in the city. However, since her mission was a secret, when Galk discovers that she is a Claymore, he takes an immediate disliking toward her, though it is not as strong as most other Rabona citizens' hatred toward Claymores. Eventually, he learns to not only trust her, but helps her in her battle against the Yoma and sees to it that she gets medical attention after Raki is able to prevent her from becoming an Awakened Being. Before they leave the city, Galk gives Raki his sword and tells him to learn how to use it properly.

He reappears in the Manga after the seven year time gap during Miata and Clarice's hunt for Galatea. With a changed perspective towards Claymores, he wishes to help them, but when he sees Miata attacking Galatea as she tries to destroy the Awakened Being Agatha, he becomes confused as to what is happening. He is saved along with the others when Clare and the other Northern Campaign survivors arrive and kill Agatha.

Galk first appears in Chapter 5 of the Manga and Episode 3 of the Anime.

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- A very close friend of Galk's, he is also a warrior of the holy city Rabona and is also first introduced when Clare arrives undercover to hunt a Yoma in the city. He is extremely arrogant and brash with a powerful hatred toward Claymores. It's not until Clare saves his life that he changes his mind about Claymores and befriends Clare and Raki.

After the seven year time gap in the Manga, he is seen again along with Galk during the fight against the Awakened Being Agatha. He actually nearly places a killing blow on her, but she catches him just in time. She commends him for his skill and offers to have some "fun" with him since he is rather handsome, but when he refuses she attempts to kill him. Galatea saves Cid and Agatha is eventually defeated by the seven surviving warriors from the Northern Campaign. Cid then informs Clare that Raki had been in the city a year before she arrived.

Cid first appears in Chapter 5 of the Manga and Episode 3 of the Anime.

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Abyss Feeders
- A new experiment from the organization, eleven Abyss Feeders were created by combining Human women with flesh and blood, not from regular Yomas like Claymores, but from slain Awakened Beings that Alicia and Beth have killed. This combination creates creatures with no sense of Humanity at all and crave only flesh and blood. Each Feeder has had their eyes destroyed and their mouth bound. They were also created to not release Yoki, so they can not be sensed, but this also causes them to be unable to sense Yoki themselves. The organization raises these creatures to act like monsters in order to hunt down a monster; Easley. They have been conditioned to crave Easley's flesh and each time one is destroyed, the organization recalls the remaining Feeders to replace the ones lost. Once a new Abyss Feeder is created to replace a fallen one, the knowledge and experience of the fallen Feeder is transferred into the new one, thus effectively increasing the combat skill of each new Feeder.

Once Easley is defeated by the Abyss Feeders, a new batch is sent after Riful along with Alicia and Beth. However, once Beth loses control of Alicia, Alicia destroys the Abyss Feeders as they are about to defeat Riful.

The Abyss Feeders first appear in Chapter 87 of the Manga. They do not appear in the Anime.

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