Welcome to my World of Darkness Sources and Community site!

I plan on getting up information concerning Werewolf the Apocalypse™, Vampire the Masquerade™, Werefolf the Forsaken™ and Vampire the Requiem™.
I'm also planning on getting actual games going if/when I find some good GMs.

Basically, this site will be under construction for quite some time, I have many source books to go through, so for the meantime, I guess just enjoy whatever you find here! :)


I do not own anything to do with the World of Darkness. All of the information and game mechanics offered on this site are the property of White Wolf Publishing, Inc. and I do not claim any part of their games or story telling to be my own. All I take credit for is creating this site and making the information from my own personal source books that I have bought from White Wolf available to an extent for anyone who wishes to know more or would like to take part in a game.

Likewise, any stories that might be taking place are the creative property of the GM running the game and any players who help shape the story.